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Specialising in helping menopausal women achieve sustainable weight loss through a combination of customised nutrition plans, lifestyle changes, and targeted exercise.


Hello, I'm Antonia

I help women break free from their self-sabotaging dieting cycle and lose weight through turning their natural female hormonal rhythms into a fat-burning, body-sculpting machine!

My coaching method empowers the female metabolism to deliver the most results in the least time, particularly for busy women who have struggled to get results in the past and feel stuck.


- Restrictive Diets leaving you hungry all the time?

- Food consuming your life and thoughts from the moment you wake up?

- Pesky food cravings that control your life?

- The Yo-Yo dieting ALL or NOTHING mentality?

- Jumping from diet to diet but never seeing any lasting results?

- Being trapped in the dieting hamster wheel feeling exhausted and hopeless?

Let me show you how to balance your hormones, boost the metabolism, eat MORE and exercise LESS, in order to

lose weight and keep it off!


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My free Facebook group is the perfect starting point if you are looking for some helpful resources and weekly training videos.

It's a supportive, loving environment for women who are ready to finally create lasting results! It's a safe space to connect, break down barriers, transform mindsets, and identify fears and limitations.

Weight Loss Mastery

Coaching Explained!

Women experience various stages of their cycles and menopause. However, the typical weight loss approach that claims to fit all is inadequate and fails to consider the distinctive genetic makeup of women.

Introducing WLM Coaching, a metabolism-reviving program that transforms your natural hormonal rhythms into a body-sculpting, fat-burning advantage.

At the heart of the WLM program lies a diet, exercise, and mindset strategy that supports your hormones. We customise everything to your unique hormone profile, preferences, and intensity level.

WLM's approach progresses through three main stages.

STAGE 1 focuses on Metabolic Restoration and Hormone Balance.

During Stage 1 of the WLM program, our focus is on restoring your metabolism and balancing your hormones. We will work with you to develop a diet, exercise, and mindset plan that is tailored to your unique hormone profile, preferences, and intensity level. This stage will help reset your metabolism, enabling you to burn fat more effectively.

STAGE 2 is designed to enhance Fat Loss Activation.

Here, our focus is on maximising fat loss activation without the need for a very low-calorie diet. We will continue to support your hormone balance and metabolic restoration to help you burn fat more efficiently.

STAGE 3 is optimising lifestyle integration so you are guaranteed to maintain your goal weight.

This means that our focus shifts to helping you maintain your goal weight and integrating the healthy habits you've developed into your lifestyle. We will continue to provide guidance on nutrition and exercise as well as ongoing mindset coaching to help you stay motivated and on track.



Hormone Balancing Nutrition

A complete Nutrition Blueprint to boost your metabolism and burn fat whilst still being able to eat your favourite foods.

Take the guesswork out of what to eat, based on your unique hormone profile!


Fat-Burning Workouts

Quick 15-minute at home workouts designed to burn belly fat and sculpt your body in the least amount of time.

Variations for any fitness level & injuries are provided.


Get the Support You Need

The WLM program offers full support, guidance, and education to help you achieve your weight loss goals, regardless of whether you choose group coaching or 1-on-1 coaching.

Ready to Transform Your Body?

If you're ready for the next step, check out my video and ask yourself if it's a good fit for you.

What my clients say...


This programme is the first programme I have come across that is truly setup for woman (especially woman who are balancing life/stress/menopause etc) and who are wanting to make a real lasting change within their life. Unlike other programmes this gives you the education to make informed choices and changes, to understand what can effect your results, what to do about it and how to do it. The thing I also loved is that it is a flexible programme to suit different ages, fitness stages, cultures and food choices. If you are after weight-loss and stick with the programme the results will happen but most importantly will create a lasting change. I highly recommend this programme.


Antonia will help you achieve your goals with all the knowledge of understanding your body and how food, sleep and even stress can affect in losing weight and feel healthy again. I started her coaching program with 1:1 for the first months and it was the best decision, she was there in every step I made. I’ve learnt about how my body works and what food it’s good for me. All the material, it’s awesome and presented in a way that you want to know more and more. I want to say thanks Antonia for your hard work and support all along the way.Alex


Thankyou Antonia, for your unconditional support to all the questions and queries I have had and supplying such prompt / educational feedback, your structure you have created around a healthy balanced why you loose your unwanted weight is seemless! I look forward to continuing to follow you and jump on some of your challenges you have coming up in the new year 🙂🙂


I feel amazing!! I give my body a 9 or 10 despite having some of life's challenges like that he crazy cyclone keeping me awake!!

I've signed up to the academy programme to help me build on my progress!! I'm really excited about having access to the meal plans, recipes and workout videos but most of all understanding my hormone type and carb tipping point. This has been the best food and fitness programme I've ever done thanks so much Antonia Dale!! 🥰❤


Antonia was great to work with. She is understanding of the demands of being a busy, working parent and has designed ideas that easily fit around this. It is important that you are prepared to trust the programme and follow all of the steps. The group programme is great as you get to share your journey with other like minded females.


My time being guided by Antonia has been amazing! Not only has she opened my eyes as to how much you can eat if you make smarter food choices. She’s been a constant in my life, someone I can count on. Her program is proven and it works. Success is in the simplicity and our determination.

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